Def Leppard – Viva Hysteria – Matrix Vegas Audio FLAC Descarga

Def Leppard – Viva Hysteria Audio

This was a truly special run of shows for Def Leppard. The band really took it upon themselves to challenge themselves in a live setting in ways they haven’t in a long time. To spice things up, they embraced the idea of opening for themselves, opting to play as the Def Leppard cover band “Ded Flatbird.” Each Ded Flatbird set saw a changing setlist every night, culling from a core group of songs. A short intermission followed the roughly 45 minute set, and Def Leppard (proper) would return to play the entire Hysteria album and a two song encore.
This is a compilation of all the songs they played during the residency, assembled to model their set format. It includes three assembled Ded Flatbird sets plus a complete Hysteria set. The songs are pulled from various nights on the run. I will leave the fans to guess which song is from which show.

This mix is for all the fans who went to the shows and helped push the band to elevate their game. Open up a big bag of Doritos, kick back, and play this set loud. If you have issues with the sound, selection of songs, this compilation, or me in general…well have an extra bag of spicy Doritos on me and feel the burn.

This was truly a spectacular showing by the band. Easily the most excited I’ve gotten for a Def Leppard show. I was glad to see it covered so extensively by a great collaboration of tapers, and now everybody can enjoy some of the choice picks from this run.

The Joint @ the Hard Rock Cafe
Viva Hysteria Residency
3/22/13 – 4/13/13

All songs are recorded from the Las Vegas Viva Hysteria Residency, which included 11 shows from 3/22-4/13.

Big collaborative effort by the entire crew of SOS Mobile Recording Studio to cover the entire run in high quality audio. Big props go to all who helped in many different ways.

Set 1 (Ded Flatbird):
01. Intro
02. Won’t Get Fooled Again
03. Good Morning Freedom
04. Wasted
05. Rock Brigade
06. Band Intros
07. Too Late For Love
08. Another Hit and Run
09. High ‘n’ Dry (Saturday Night)
10. Bringing on the Heartbreak
11. Switch 625

Set 2 (Ded Flatbird):
01. Intro
02. Won’t Get Fooled Again
03. On Through The Night
04. Mirror Mirror
05. Slang
06. Foolin’
07. When Love and Hate Collide
08. Band Intros
09. Promises
10. Let’s Get Rocked

Set 3 (Ded Flatbird):
01. Intro
02. Won’t Get Fooled Again
03. Rock Rock
04. Stagefright
05. Action
06. C’mon C’mon
07. Band Intros
08. Rock On
09. Let It Go
10. Make Love Like A Man
11. Undefeated

Set 4 (Hysteria Set):
01. Album Intro
02. Women
03. Rocket
04. Animal
05. Love Bites
06. Pour Some Sugar On Me
07. Armageddon It
08. Steve Clark Video
09. Gods of War
10. Don’t Shoot Shotgun
11. Run Riot
12. Hysteria
13. Excitable
14. Love and Affection
15. Encore
16. Rock of Ages
17. Photograph


Nota: Para descomprimir correctamente de preferencia usar 7zip


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