St. Vincent’s BBC Christmas Eve Special Mp3 Download

St. Vincent

Here is the link to download the mp3 of St. Vincent’s BBC 6 Music Christmas Eve stream

Annie Clark, aka art-rock supremo St Vincent, is the first of the three Wise Woman of 6 Music and has produced one of the albums of 2014 with her fifth self-titled studio album.

With a fiercely unique sound and being a full-on music obsessive, she’ll be demonstrating her eclectic palate in her two hour show, from Nine Inch Nails to John Coltrane, Cate Le Bon to Peggy Lee and archive selections from Fela Kuti, Nirvana, Kate Bush, and an Album of the Day from one of hip hop’s finest beat makers, musical innovators and production geniuses J Dilla.

Tracklist again:

“Yaylalar” – Selda Bağcan
“March Of The Pigs” – Nine Inch Nails
“Inspiration Information” – Shuggie Otis
“River Of Orchids” – XTC
“Christmas In Hollis” – Run D.M.C.
“Hejira” – Joni Mitchell
“I Can’t Help You” – Cate Le Bon
“Basmati” – Chilly Gonzales
“The Morning Fog” – Kate Bush
“Master Blaster (Jammin’)” – Stevie Wonder
“Born Under Punches” – Talking Heads
“Pick Up” – Solex
“On Your Own Again” – Scott Walker
“Nightclubbing” – Iggy Pop
“Black Coffee” – Peggy Lee
“Great Expectation” – Miles Davis
“Queen” – Perfume Genius
“Cannibal Hymn” – Nick Cave
“Zombie” – Fela Kuti
“Workinonit” – J Dilla
“Barok-Plastik” – Stereolab
“All For Myself” – Sufjan Stevens
“The Piano Drop” – Tim Hecker
“Territorial Pissings” – Nirvana
“Amarillo By Morning” – George Strait
“She Is Beyond Good And Evil” – The Pop Group
“A Love Supreme II: Resolution” – John Coltrane

Descarga aquí



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